FAPADAG (Facilitation and Participation of Disadvantaged Groups) is  an organization that is supporting small projects which  endeavour participation of disadvantaged groups in society, in particularly persons with disabilities. The support can be financial, consultancy or educational.

FAPADAG is established in 2002 as a follow up of two official EU projects of ENOTHE (European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education- www.enothe.eu), one TEMPUS project in Georgia and Armenia and  one JOINT action project in Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania in order to support social reform processes in East and Central Europe. (http://home.unet.nl/georgica/artikelen.html#hanneke). 

The students (mostly Occupational Therapists) who were educated in these projects were requesting further support in the development of  educational curricula, practice and research.

The three main goals where FAPADAG is focusing on, are:

  1. Support with developing modules, training courses and/or project plans about working with disadvantaged groups (in particular persons with disability) and in case needed offering these courses
  2. Support (disadvantaged) students, who are going to work with disadvantaged persons/ groups, like occupational therapy students or teachers with tuition fees for a BA or Master study or students who are going to teach professionals in health and social care about disadvantaged groups. 
  3. Support Community Based Development or Rehabilitation projects with materials and in very exceptional cases with buildings

FAPADAG concentrates on East and Central Europe and East-Africa in particularly Kenya.

The founder

FAPADAG is founded in December 2002 by Hanneke van Bruggen in order to support social reform processes as a follow-up of projects, which had been stimulated by the European Commission.

Hanneke van Bruggen is an Occupational Therapists, who has been working more then 15 years on European Educational and Social reform processes as the Director of the European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education (ENOTHE-www.enothe.eu). Since 2011 she is retired and now actively involved in FAPADAG. She is a promoter of occupational justice and  participation of all persons in occupations in order to improve health and achieve social inclusion (including social cohesion, citizenship etc).

United Nations 

The organizational profile for “ Facilitation and Participation of Disadvantaged Groups ”(FAPADAG) has been accepted in DESA's (Department of Economic and Social Affairs) Civil Society database of the United Nations.

The application for accreditation of the CV of Hanneke van Bruggen to attend the High-level meeting of the General Assembly on disability and development has been approved in September 2013.


You can support FAPADAG by a financial donation
This will be achieved by three different options:

  • You transfer monthly instalments of € 25,--to our bank account. You receive our newsletter, which will be published at least twice a year.
  • You transfer once a year € 300,--  to our bank account. You also receive our newsletter twice a year as mentioned above.
  • You transfer just for once any amount of money to our bank account: 
    in the name of “Stichting FAPADAG” 
    IBAN: NL28RABO0394017528; BIC: RABONL2U at "Apeldoorn"