Summary Shammah Children’s
Centre Project


The Shammah children's centre is a community based organization established in 2007, headed by Jemmimah Mweu. The centre deals with children with special needs, orphans and vulnerable children. It caters for their educational and basic needs. The centre offers several programmes such as an educational programme, feeding programme, group savings and loan bead work and soap making. Ten volunteers currently are taking care for 230 children who are admitted by the Centre.

At the moment the Centre is threatened with demolishing by the Kenyan Railway Company, since the “buildings” are constructed next to the railway line. The FAPADAG foundation has bought a piece of land at a better location in 2011. Now the Shammah centre is looking for donors to support their building project called “kwa ajili ya baadaye ya haki” “for a fair future”.

Overall Aims of the Centre

  1. Provide educational equality to all the children aged zero to eighteen years
  2. Provide proper and adequate sanitation for the special children.
  3. Promote economic empowerment skills

Specific Objectives

  1. Eradicate illiteracy from the slum area
  2. Provide at least a meal per day
  3. Provide life skills leading to job creativity
  4. Provision of guidance and counseling to parents and children affected and infected by HIV AIDS

Specific Project Objectives

  1. Fundraising for a new building
  2. Landsite preparation with the community
  3. Building the new facility
  4. Transferring the children to the new building
  5. Expanding the opportunities for learning (more vocational skills for employment)

    If you want to learn more about this project, read the full project proposal

          For this project FAPADAG is collaborating with "WILDE GANZEN"

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